April is a mom, community organizer, and North Clackamas School Board Director.

Growing up in April’s family meant weekdays were for school and weekends were for trekking all across the state to discover Oregon's vast wilderness and pristine flyfishing waters. These formative experiences taught April to appreciate what a special place Oregon is, and how lucky we all are to call it home. As the daughter of a veteran and a civil rights lawyer, she learned the value of service and standing up for others at an early age.

Today, April and her husband are raising their three children in Clackamas County. April knows firsthand the tough choices that Oregonians face, because she’s faced them herself. Early in motherhood, April had to make the tough choice to leave her job because the cost of childcare for three kids outweighed her salary. She knows just how lucky she and her husband are to be able to raise their family on one income, an option many Oregon families don’t have.

April knows what it’s like to try and navigate an underfunded education system that leaves far too many kids behind. When one of April’s children was diagnosed with Autism, she was lucky to find the resources her kid needed to be successful in school.

April is running to represent her community in the State House because Oregonians shouldn't have to depend on luck. They deserve affordable child care, the best possible education for their kids, and a health care system that includes access to mental and reproductive care.

April believes simply being an Oregonian is all the luck you should need to provide for yourself and your family, to be healthy, and to be safe. It shouldn’t take the privilege of time and resources to untangle the government systems that are confusing and complex – whether it’s our education system, our health care system, or an economic system that breaks its promises to working families. April has spent more than fifteen years advocating for her family and her community, and she’s running for State House because she believes that government should work. For all of us.